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We are on earth for about 30-40 years, working abroad as SAP consultants since 2004, travelling to different sites whenever we have vacation since 2006, loving taking pictures since 2005, married for more than a year, in love with sea since our childhood.
We have started diving in 2009, fastened seat bells in a flight more than 250 times since 2006. We like making friends while travelling, we love eating, and like people who love eating; we like laughing with friends, drinking with friends, taking and sharing photos with friends. We like getting lost on the roads we don’t know, tasting local dishes wherever we go, walking until we fall, and having 'lonely planet' in our travel bags.

We don’t like sleeping much (except working days :) ), we don’t like mondays, we don’t like very serious faces, we don’t like gossip (but we do gossip), we don’t like dirty hotel rooms, wet slippers, taxi drivers who don’t switch on the taximeter.

Thanks for visiting. We wish you health and of course money, which you will spend for travelling and making new friends :)

Ozge & Zafer